9 Ways to Be More Likable Without Losing Yourself

Everyone wants to be liked.

Everyone wants to be liked. Even people who claim otherwise. However, sometimes, the desire to be liked can cause you to do things that aren’t aligned with who you are as a person. If you know who you are and can keep an open mind, you can become a more likable person without losing yourself.


  1. Know Who You Are – It’s imperative that you continue working on getting to know yourself. The only way to do that is to try new things and experiment with different ideas.


  1. Keep Your Manner Open and Welcoming – Your posture is a key indicator to others regarding your openness. Keep your arms open and not crossed over your body as you talk to others. Lean in when you talk to them, catch their eye, and don’t be afraid to touch their arm when you talk to them.


  1. Listen More Than You Speak – Don’t monopolize conversations. If you do, even if the things you say are interesting and important, people will not view you as the most likable person. People are self-centered. They will view you as more attractive when you let them talk more by encouraging them.


  1. Avoid Moody Behavior – One thing that is a big turn-off to others is moody behavior. Other people should not have to walk on eggshells to avoid their moods. If this is a problem for you, seek help to overcome this problem. It’s not that you need to stuff feelings, but you do need to know when it’s appropriate to share them.


  1. Don’t Use Your Mobile Devices as Much – When you are with other people in person, try to turn off your devices and put them away. Even if other people are using them, just keep yours away so that you can truly participate in the relationship. Others will catch on eventually.


  1. Be a Copycat – This may seem strange, but people like other people who are like them. It’s human nature. When you are talking to someone, try to match their breathing rate and some of the gestures they use, but not in an obvious way. They will immediately be more comfortable.


  1. Ask Open-Ended Questions – When you ask questions don’t make them yes or no answers. Ask a question that is made for that person based on what you’ve heard from them so far which allows them to expand on the answer.


  1. Be Open-Minded – To be more likable, it’s important that you show people that you can listen to many different ideas without being likable. Keep in mind that this refers to things that are simply moral differences such as different religions, different cultures, and different ways of being – it doesn’t have to include illegal activities.


  1. Be More Reliable – Don’t tell people you’ll do something if you’re not going to do it. Make a habit of writing down and scheduling things that you tell people so that you won’t forget it.


Remember that you don’t have to do anything immoral, illegal, or against your personal value system to be more likable. Instead, you can surround yourself with like-minded people and practice being likable to them. Everyone is not going to like you, but if you do these 9 things you will be more likable to most.

Thank you for reading!


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