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8 Power-Ups for Reclaiming Confidence

There is nothing more crippling than losing your confidence. Without confidence, every aspect of life can become an uphill battle. When confidence wavers, concentration becomes elusive, and even simple tasks can feel insurmountable. The weight

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How to Recover from Setbacks

Setbacks are a part of life…Here are 6 important steps to help you bounce back better than ever! Congratulations. You tried but you didn’t achieve your ultimate goal. Guess what? It’s okay. In fact, it’s

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Thriving Through Life’s Transitions

Eight tactics that will help you handle change with grace…something we could all use a little help with these days. Thriving Through Life’s Transitions Throughout your life, you’ll encounter many transitions such as going through

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Give the People What They Want

Deliver Value If you went to your email inbox right now and counted, you would probably find that you subscribe to at least one if not several email newsletters published by a website that you

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About River Eight

Photography is the front line of your storefront. It is the first impression, it is the window to your authentic self. How you present yourself will impact on who you attract. It is where you catch your ideal client’s attention. The goal is not only for them to find you, but to have them know, like and trust, your business. You are the face of your brand and in some cases, you are the brand.

Here at River Eight & Co, we are here to help you build your business to the next level with not only beautiful images, but to show your core values, authenticity, and cohesive content. 

I understand that time is valuable. 

Allow me to help you so you can focus on your strengths and your genius zone.